We Buy Vinyl Records

We are interested in buying 20th Century vinyl records – both LPs and 7”/45 singles, be they either complete collections or individual records. The styles and eras we buy are Jazz to Soul to 1960s Psychedelia and Beat to Punk and New Wave to Rhythm & Blues to 1960s Reggae to Progressive Rock and most points inbetween. We don’t buy Country & Western, Easy Listening, Classical, Metal, House/Hip Hop, major Pop Chart Artists (Elton John, Bing Crosby, The Carpenters etc) or 78s.

If you have specific records, or an entire collection or if you’re just unsure of what you have got, a quick phone call or email will help – we can advise and you can decide. If you wish, send us a list of the records by email and we’ll take a look. Please contact us via phone or email

Before we see the records we can only estimate their value, but once we see them we can make a firm offer. The offer will be determined by the condition of the vinyl and sleeve. Please contact us before posting or visiting us with your records. If you send them via post, we will reimburse postage. If we return records where necessary, it will be at our expense.

If you do post records, we recommend good packaging and insurance.

If it is a large collection we can arrange viewing at your premises, if that is more convenient, bearing in mind we are based in London.